Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bio Digester for leaf mulch compost

Organic Leaf Mulch compost

Usage of Bio Digester ( B.D ) or ’Composting Microbes’

Readers are kindly requested to refer my earlier post regarding "Bio Digester to compost C o i r p i t h, F.Y.M and Poultry manure.

Contents in B.D: Bacteria and Actinomycetes.

They are used to speed up the process of organic leaf mulch composting

Dosage: : 2 Kg of B.D will be required to compost 1 ton of leaf mulch.

Compost pit Size: W – 6’ x L – 10’ x Depth 5’ (This pit size will give 3 Tons of Manure)

Preparation :
40 Kgs of fresh cow dung + 2 Kg Jaggery + 75 litres of water + 2 Kg B.D and make it to slurry. Sprinkle the above slurry in 1 ton of Leaf mulch. Repeat the process to fill up the compost pit. Maintain moisture. In 45 days composting process will be completed and the compost is ready for field use.

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