Friday, June 12, 2009

Verticillium to control sucking pests

Biotech solutions to Organic Agriculture
Verticillium to control sucking pests & soft body insects

Introduction: Verticillium Lecanii is a fungus, which is found to be entamophagus against sucking insect pests.

Carrier material: Talc based, with conidia of the fungus and hibrite powder

Preparation: Mix 1 Kg of Verticillum + 200 ml of Neem oil + 1 Kg Jaggery + 200 Litres of water. Stir well and apply immediately. No need to keep it for fermentation.

Dosage (Foliar Spray).: 200 litres per acre depending on the age of the crop. Spray the solution as such on the plant covering top and lower surface of the foliage during early morning or late evening hours. It should be done in advance before the plant is infested with pests and diseases. (more effective on larvae)

Mode of Action: When the conidia of Verticillium Sp come in contact with the insect pests, the
spores will germinate and penetrate through the cuticle. The pest becomes inactive by starvation, which then causes about 40 – 50% mortality within 4 – 5 days and about 95% mortality in 11 – 12 days time.

i. Verticillium is pathogenic to White flies, Mealy bugs, Thrips, Jassids, Aphids, Mites and Red spider mites. ( All sucking pests and Soft body insects )

ii. Verticillium in combination with Beauverium is very effective to control borers, soft body insects and all pathogenic insect population in their larval stages.

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