Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beneficial Microbial Consortium

B.M.C : Beneficial Microbial Consortium:

Introduction: B.M.C is almost like E.M i.e. Effective Microorganisms. The microbes in this consortium when applied as foliar spray increase photosynthetic activity in the plants. They also help in controlling various plant diseases and pests. Some microbes are involved in bio concentration of different nutrients and release various plant growth promoters.

Contents : Photosynthetic Microbes + Actinomycetes + Lactic Acid Microbes.

Preparation: Mix 1 Litre of B.M.C + 200 ml Brown Vinegar + 70 ml Isoprohyl Alcohol + 1 Kg Jaggery + 1gram of Neemazol (Parry Neem product – Azaradactin ) + 200 Litres of water. Stir well daily and keep it for 5 days for fermentation. The resultant solution will be with a pH range of 2 to 2.5. Before application add equal amount of water i.e. 200 litres.

Dosage : 200 to 400 litres per acre depending on the age of the crop. Spray the prepared solution as such on the plant covering top and lower surface of the foliage (Foliar Spray). The application of B.M.C should be done in advance before the plant is infested with pests and diseases. For best results avoid use of any pesticides and fungicides before or after 10 days of application.


i. Increases photosynthetic activity in the plants and restore plant growth in full vigor.

ii. Helps in reducing the harmful microbes and pathogenic insect population so there is increase in the beneficial microbial and insect population.

iii. Foliar application in the following order of (1) B.M.C (2) Baverium & Verticillum and (3) PGPA every 15 days will give good results in horticulture crops.

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