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Paecilomyces to control Nematodes

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Paecilomyces to control Nematodes

Introduction: Paecilomyces is a fungus, which acts against nematodes and used as a bionematicide. The nematode affected roots will look like root knots. The nematodes by its infection make a lot of holes in the plant root system so the soil borne pathogens have an easy entry. By adding Paecillomyces in adequate quantities in the soil the nematodes in the soil can be controlled effectively.

Carrier material: Talc based formulation with hibrite powder.

Dosage for Soil Application :

1. For existing Horticulture crops 25gm - 50 grams inoculation is required depending on the plant size. Before application crack the topsoil and maintain organic matter and moisture content.

2. In transplanted crops, Paecilomyces inoculated through seeds, seedlings root dip, soil application in nurseries and main fields.

3. For best results, mix Paecilomyces 25 gm + Pseudomonus 25 gm + Trichoderma viridi 25 gms and apply in and around the root zone of the plant.

4. For the severe Nematode infested soils and affected plants:

I. Apply FYM 5 Kgs + 250 gms of Neem cake + 250 gms of Pungan cake

II. Prepare 1 Litre Pseudomonus + ½ Kg Starter + 200Litres of water and
Mix it daily for 5- 6 days for fermentation.

III. Prepare Plant Growth Promoting Rhizosphere Microbes (P.G.P.R) 1 Kg (with Paecilomyces) + ½ Kg Starter + 200Litres of water and mix it daily for 5- 6 days for fermentation.

IV. From the above preparations:
Take Sl.No. II – 1 Litre and Sl.No. III – 1 Litre and apply around the
root zone of the affected plant every 15 days.

V. Repeat the above process as mentioned in Sl.No.IV for 5 times.

Benefits: Paecilomyces controls nematodes effectively.

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