Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Organic Cultivation of Paddy

Organic cultivation of Paddy
  1. Treat the seeds with Pseudomonus & Viridi ( For 1 Kg of seeds mix 5 gms of Viridi and 10 gms of Pseudomonus).
  2. Apply P.G.P.R ½ Kg prepared solution per acre in paddy nursery and irrigate.
  3. Raise Sesbania Acculeata (Daincha) (Sow 20 Kg of seeds / Acre) in main field and at the time flowering plough them into the soil. If possible bring in Calotropis (Vellai Eruku) and Casia Oriculata (Aavarai)
  4. After leveling the field (Maram Adipu) apply Neem Cake 20 Kg + Rock Phosphate 100 Kg + Rice husk ash 100 Kg + Vermicompost 1000 Kgs ( If vermin is not available then add 100 Kgs Ground nut cake + 50 Kg Castor cake + 25 Kg Neem cake)
  5. During transplantation dip the root zone in P.G.P.R solution or in 100 litres of water pre mixed with1 kg Azos + 1 Kg Phospho + 1 Kg Viridi + 1 Kg Pseudo.
  6. 10 days after transplantation apply FYM 50 Kgs + Azos 5 Kg + Phospho 5 Kgs + Pseudo 5 Kgs + Viridi 5 Kgs and irrigate immediately
  7. Foliar application of P.G.P.A and B.M.C every 10 days alternately is necessary.
  8. 30th day – Spray Beauverium + Verticillium mixture.
  9. 45th day – Spray Pseudomonus
  10. 55th day – Spray B.M.C
  11. 60th day – Apply 200 litres of P.G.P.R per acre. Pour the solution near water inlet point of the field and ensure it reaches all corners of the field.
  12. 75th day – Spray Pseudomonus
  13. Thereafter spray Beauverium + Verticillium mixture in case of necessity.
  14. Spraying Pseudomonus at the time of panicle formation stage is vital to prevent 'Rice blast' infestation.

Go organic for your good health.

Vishnu Sankar

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