Saturday, June 13, 2009

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizosphere Microbes

PGPR : Plant Growth Promoting Rhizosphere Microbes.

Introduction: PGPR is a consortium of bio fertilizers, bio fungicides, bio pesticides and other beneficial microbes for improving the root zone environment i.e. Rhizosphere. The bio fertilizers help in plant nutrition. The bio fungicides and bio pesticides help in controlling various plant diseases and pests. Some other beneficial microbes are involved in bio concentration of different nutrients and release of various plant growth promoters.

Active ingredients: Azospirillum + Phosphobacterium (Bascillus megaterium) + K solubiliser + Azotobacter + Bascillus sp + + Trichoderma viridi + Pseudomonus + Beauveria + Verticillum + Paecillomyces + Metarhizium Etc..

Preparation: Mix 1 Kg of PGPR powder + 1/2 Kg of Starter in 200 Litres of water.
Stir well daily and keep it for 5 – 7 days for fermentation.

Dosage : Drench the soil around the root zone of Hort. crops 1 – 2 Litres and irrigate immediately. Enough organic matter and moisture is necessary. For best results avoid use of chemical fertilizers before or after 10 days of application.


i. Restores soil fertility. Improves structure, texture, porosity and water holding capacity of the soil.

ii. Highly effective to fix and solubilise N.P.K in the soil in an organic way resulting in significant reduction in chemical fertilizer application.

iii. Helps in reducing the harmful microbes, fungal pathogens, and pathogenic insect population in their larval stages it self and increases the beneficial microbial population.

iv. Increasing tolerance of water stress in crops.

v. Quality and quantity of crop yield will increase.

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