Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hirsutella thompsonii to control mites

Bio Pesticides and Bio Fungicides
Hirsutella thompsonii to control mites especially Eriophyid mites in coconut:

A fungus Hirsutella thompsonii is a well-known mite-specific pathogen and has been used against various mite pests, including the coconut mite, in different countries.

Now a selected superior strain of H. thompsoni was developed which is able to provide upto 80% death of the mite depending on various crop and environmental factors. At least two sprays at an interval of 15 days are recommended for the effective control of the mite.

International Paneacea Ltd is producing
Hirsutella thompsonii in Kerala in large scale with the state govt's support and marketing it thro' Hindustan Insecticides, a public sector enterprise.

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