Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dalbergia sissoo (Tamil : Sissoo)

Name of the plant - Dalbergia sissoo (Tamil : Sissoo)
(Indian Rose Wood)

‘N’ fixing capacity - In root nodules. Improves soil fertility.

Fodder Tree - Give only tender leaves. Matured leafs should
be mixed with other fodder.

Deciduous - Yes

Drought tolerance - Yes

Soil type / pH range - Sand mixed soils, Mixed soils and river beds

Tolerance to water logging - No

Seeds - 50 seeds / gm ( 1 to 3 kgs / Tree )

Germination - %

Vegetative propagation - Cloning is the best way. New shoots sprouting
from the roots around the plants can also be used.

Spacing for border planting- 2 m

For bulk planting - Initial 2 m X 2 m and remove 50% after 4th
year to obtain vertical growth.

Maturity Years - 10 – 15 years

Growth : Height - 15 – 20 m Ht
Girth -
Yield -

Timber Density - 0.82, Hard wood, Black colour heart wood
Weight - 801 – 850 Kgs / Sq.m

Uses - For furniture, Boat, Railway coach, carved
wood panels

Ratoon - Poor, not recommended.

Special features if any - Because of its ‘N’ fixing capacity it improves soil fertility. Performs well in irrigated conditions. For the first 2 – 3 years irrigation is essential. Requires more sunlight and will not grow well in shades. Tendency to branch sideways so moderate pruning is necessary to induce vertical growth. Plant densely to induce vertical growth and remove alternate trees in 4th year. New shoots sprouting from the roots around the plants can also be removed and used for new plantation.

Please refer the following links to know the difference between

A Dalbergia latifolia tree (Rose wood/Thothakathi/Eetti)

Vishnu Sankar

3 Comentários:

Vijay said...

Dear sir,
i came across your blog,very good & informative, good for the tree lovers like me.And i saw the dalbergia sissoo post i want to point out that the image you posted for Dalbergia sissoo is actually Dalbergia Latifolia(Eetti),the sissoo leaves has pointing tip where the Latifolia has rounded leaves that you can see it in the photo you uploaded.correct me if i am wrong!

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Vijay,

Your observation is correect. I have changed the photo. A new post is uploaded on this subject to clear the doubts. A closer view of D.latifolia leaf to know the leaf pattern will be uploaded soon.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Dear sir,
thank you for your reply,i saw the new post of you about the leaf pattern D latifolia and D sissoo ,nice differentiation of both.
can i grow Red sanders & D Latifolia in my land?
where can i get the saplings?


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