Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Haldinia cardifolia, Haldina cardifolia, Adina cardifolia (Tamil : Manja Kadambu )

Name of the plant - Haldinia cardifolia  / Haldina cardifolia / 

Adina cardifolia (Tamil :Manja Kadambu)

'N’ fixing capacity - No

Fodder Tree - Yes

Deciduous - Yes.

Drought tolerance - Can’t tolerate long drought period.

Soil type / pH range - Mixed soil (Not suitable for clay soil)

Tolerance to water logging - No

Seeds - Tiny seeds. 6lakhs seeds / kg
Germination - 4 – 11%

Vegetative propagation - Possible. Not recommended.

Spacing for border planting- 5 m
For bulk planting - 6 m x 6 m

Maturity Years - ? years

Growth : Height - 20 –30 m Ht
Girth - 4.8 m
Yield -
Timber Density - 0.62. There is no soft or heart wood in this variety. Whole timber is in yellow in colour. Very hard and strong wood.
Weight - 728 Kgs / sq.m

Uses - For furniture, cots, carved wood, idols, Boxes

Ratoon - NO

Special features if any - Tends to grow vertically in the initial years without branches and then branched to form a big canopy. Growth is very slow in the initial years. A beautiful majestic looking tree. Performs well in irrigated conditions. For the first 2 – 3 years irrigation is essential. Requires more sunlight and will not grow well in shades. It can regenerate well even if the branches are pruned annually for fodder. A good windbreaker.

The tree pics uploaded here are from 3 years old trees in my farm and they are un-irrigated.

Special character: Terminal vegetative bud flattened 
(Leaf emerge from Pouch like structure).

 The bark pattern of Haldina cardifolia. (Adina cardifolia)

Haldinia cardifolia in Amirtha Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus:

4 Comentários:

Vishnu Sankar A said...

In Tamil there is a saying "Udambai Murithu Kadambil poadu". Meaning: After a hard work, sleep in a cot made from Kadambu to get relief from body ache.

Sarath said...

hai vishnu sankar,

Do you have seeds of manjai kadambu.

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear friend,

I am not a trader. Please contact forest tree seed dealers. Seeds can be easily sourced.

Srikanth said...

Dear Sir,
I would like to know the advantage of Manja Kadambu over Teak. We are manufacturers of Power Transformers. Piece of this MK wood is used as Spacers between coils.
Regards, Srikanth

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