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Reply to a query on Gmelina Arborea

Name of the plant - Gmelina arborea (Tamil : Kumil, Kumul)

Here is the query from Mr.Anonymous.

Respected Mr. Vishnu Sankar,

I'm Anonymous, totally new to the field of agriculture, having 21 acres land in AP which I found is suitable for growing most varieties of teak. But my constraint is that my waiting period is max. 8-10 years.I have adequate irrigation facilities. Could you be kind enough to pls guide which variety or approach is best suited for my needs? Could you also pls guide as to the number of trees possible per acre for the variety suited for my query?

I have read your messages regarding kumil, east indian rose wood etc. In response to your messages on kumil, 1 of the respondents "xxxxx farms" mentioned that his each 8 year old kumil or gummadi tree(gmelina arborea) was offered Rs. 8000/- per tree. Sir is that possible & true?

Sir, your guidance will be most precious & invaluable for me.
Kindly guide & oblige.
My reply to our beloved anonymous tree grower:

Dear Sir,

You can select either Gmelina Arborea (kumil in Tamil, gummadi in Telugu) or Melia Dubia (Konda Vepa in Telugu, Malai Vembu in Tamil) for your conditions, since you want to wait for 10 years only.

Under well irrigated conditions a decent value of timber can be had from both the varieties on 10th year.

Out of 500 Kumil trees of 8 year old trees in our farm only about 100 attained 75cm girth, and only 10 attained above 90.

Spacing for both Kumil and Melia Dubia

If planted in field bunds and borders: Min 2m to max 3m is enough.
For bulk planting: min spacing 3m x 3m to a max of 4m x 4m is needed.

Please bear in mind that climatic conditions of your area, your soil and water quality will determine the correct spacing.

So, analyze, plant and prosper.

Thanking u,

Vishnu Sankar

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Anonymous said...

From Anonymous,

i am planning to go in for 6 acres Malai Vembu and Kumil trees in alternate rows with a spacing of 10x10feet.

can i go in for drumstick PKM1 intercrop in the above plantation in the first year giving a gap of 4 months between them


Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Friend,

It is a very good strategy to plant PKM1 Moringa as intercrop between Malai vembu and Kumil trees.

Plant Moringa in between the tree rows in east west direction in a single row and don't plant it in the spaces of tree row.

If the whole set up is not under Drip irrigation, you can adopt separate irrigation schedule for Moringa by flood irrigation in order to induce more yield.

Your plan to plant Moringa 4 months after tree planting is well thought out and a clever plan.

: *MOR :
: *MOR :

Vishnu Sankar

Anonymous said...

Hello sir...

I am interested in buying the book "KUMIL" by Dr.S.Saravanan , as i am in chennai i want to know whether the book is available in chennai or how can i purcchase it through online.


Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear friend,
I think online purchase is not possible. To purchase one copy call:
The Tree Information Centre, IFGTB, Coimbatore.
Mr. Ravichandran IFS, Extension Officer,
Director thro'
A brief note about the book is given in the link:

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