Thursday, July 2, 2009

Formula to arrive the required pesticide quantity

Spray adjuvants and spray concentrations
Formula to arrive at the quantity (ml) of Pesticides needed:

Qty. of pesticide needed (in ml) =

‘A’ = Concentration of spraying solution in % that you are wishing to prepare like 0.03% or 0.05% etc.
‘B’ = Total quantity of water added to cover your spraying area (in Litres)
‘C’ = Concentration of the pesticide in %

If ‘A’ = 0.03%, ‘B’ = 50 Litres and ‘C’ = 60% then the quantity of pesticide needed will be 40 ml
(Readers comments for the minor dicrepency in the above calculation is eagerly awaited)

How to calculate if the concentration of the pesticide is 0.03% ?

In the pesticide “******" 10 E.C” the recommendation for use is given as:

Formula : A1 x 100
10 x Specific gravity 10.911

(Enlightened readers are kindly requested to explain the above)

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