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Maintaining an 'Acid Lime' orchard

Acid Lime Cultivation :
  1. Trimming the dead branches.
  2. Cut the branches from the soil level to 45 – 60 cm height. The cut ends and the wide cracks in the barks of main stem and branches should be applied with Bordeux mixture paste using a brush.
  3. Apply well-composted cow dung 20 Kgs + 1 Kg Neem cake + 1 Kg Pungan cake + 30 kgs of composted green manure / Leaf mulch around the basin in a ½ feet depth ring like pit and close it. Repeat the same after 6 months.
  4. Prepare P.G.P.R and apply 2 Liters around the root zone of the plant and irrigate immediately.
  5. Growth of Lemon is induced well with the alternate foliar application of PGPA and BMC every 20 days.Foliar application in the following order of (1) B.M.C (2) Neem Kernal Extract (NKE) @ 5% + Baverium & Verticillum and (3) PGPA every 20 days will give good results in acid lime.
  6. For robust growth of plants, spray if necessary any amino acids like ‘Ghom’ an amino acid extract from seaweed 2 ml / litre (OR) Suryamin an amino acid extract from corn 2 ml / litre (OR) Panchakavya
  7. To overcome Micro Nutrient Deficiency: Departmental recommendations for Citrus : M.N Mixture: No.V ( For Citrus): Fe – 3.80%, Mn – 4.20%, Zn – 7.06%, B – 0.60%, Mo – 0.05%, Cu – 2.00%
  8. For overall M.N deficiency apply “M.N. Mixture for Lemon” (Agri. Dept. supply) @ 100 gms per the root zone .
  9. For specific Zn and Mg deficiency apply at root zone ZnSo4 and MgSo4 6 Gms each per plant.
  10. To overcome general Micro Nutrient Deficiency:(Foliar application) For overall M.N deficiency dissolve 1 Kg of “M.N. Mixture for Lemon” (Agri. Dept. supply) in 100 Ltrs. of water and spray liberally. (OR) ‘Multiplex Lemon special (chealated M.N mixture for foliar application) 1 Kg in 100 Ltrs of water.
  11. To overcome specific Micro Nutrient Deficiency:(Foliar application) The Zinc deficient plant exhibits the following symptoms: (1) the leaves turn thick and brittle with the margin turned upwards (2) the growing tips are with bunches of growth retarded small leaves in branch tips (3) young leaves show chlorosis (loss of chlorophyll) in patches and in advanced conditions, the green portion is found only along the sides of the veins with a yellowish background, giving a vein banding appearance to the leaves. Thus the network of veins in each leaf is very distinct. (4) small sized fruits with thick skin. To overcome Zinc deficiencies foliar spray of Zinc Sulphate 0.5% solution i.e. 5 gms of ZnSo4 in 1 Litre of water 3 times at 15 days interval (or) on March, July and October.
  12. Magnesium deficiency produces purple red leaves with sharply defined green veins. The deficiency also causes reddening of leaves. To overcome Magnesium deficiencies foliar spray of MgSo4 0.25% solution i.e. 2.5 gms of MgSo4 in 1 Litre of water 2 times at 15 days interval. For best results add 1% Urea in the above solution.
  13. Iron deficiency symptoms are yellowing of younger leaves with prominent green coloured veins, curling and burning on the margin of leaves, and stunted growth. To overcome Iron deficiency foliar spray of FeSo4 1% solution i.e. 1 gms of FeSo4 in 1 Litre of water 2 times at 15 days interval.
  14. Boron deficiency symptoms are thick and rough leaves with cracked leaf veins. To overcome Boron deficiencies foliar spray of (1) Solubor 0.2% solution i.e. 2 gms of Solubor in 1 Litre of water 2 times at 15 days interval OR (2) Boric acid 0.3% solution i.e. 3 gms of Boric acid in 1 Litre of water OR (3) ‘Borax’ (Sodium tetra borate) @ 0.3% i.e. 3gms in 1 litre of water.
  15. To control sucking pests like Leaf miners and leaf eating caterpillars (Larvae of Butterflies) & White flies apply the foliar spray of the below: I. Neem Kernals 5 Kg crushed and choked in 5 Litres of water for 2 days. II. From the above prepared solution take 2 ½ litres and mix it in 400 Litres of water and add 1 Kg Beauvarium + 1 Kg Verticillium + 1 Kg Jaggery, stir them well and spray it (Foliar) on the plant.
  16. Citrus Bacterial canker is a major disease on acid lime (Citrus aurantifoliat) and this can be managed by spraying 1 gram streptocycline(100 ppm) + 30 grams C.O.C (0.3%) in 10 Litres of water 4 times at monthly interval during monsoon after pruning.
  17. Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture to control Twig Blight disease.
  18. Stem canker caused by Phytophthora can be controlled in the initial stages by the excision of diseased bark followed by swabbing with Bordeaux paste.
  19. Chart for Chemical Fertilizer application: In this chart from 1st year onwards there is uniform increase of NPK every year (i.e) Urea 200 gm, Super 150 gm, Potash 65 gm, FYM 5 Kgs and cakes 2 Kgs.
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