Wednesday, May 27, 2009

High income crops - a safe move

Dear Friends,

There are high yielding / high income yielding / high value crops in Agriculture, Horticulture & Medicinal plants and Silviculture. 

You have to be very careful in selecting the type of crop that suits your soil type and climatic conditions of your area.

It is not advisable to switch over from the traditional farming to high value crops all of a sudden.

A safe move will be to adopt 33:33:33 concept:

33% traditional Agriculture for normal gains +

33% Horti for moderate to good profits + 

17% Nitrogen fixing trees/legumes to enhance soil fertility + 
17% High value timber trees for assured profits.

The 33% concept can be described in detail as under:

For more details: Agroforestry - A Ppt presentation.

For more details click: 
  1. Agroforestry for soil health. 
  2. Agroforestry - A Ppt presentation. 
Thanking you,

A.Vishnu Sankar

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