Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dalbergia sissoo and Dalbergia latifolia

Dear Friends,

The following clarification is necessary in order to differentiate 'East Indian Rose Wood' from '
Indian Rose Wood'.

The name Dalbergia is the Genus name and the both Dalbergia latifolia and Dalbergia sissoo are some of the important species.

Dalbergia Latifolia is the East Indian Rose Wood (Thothakathi in Tamil), which is highly valuable and the most sought after one in the market.

Whereas Dalbergia sissoo is an Indian variety (Also called as Sisu and Sheesham ) and should not be confused or compared with Dalbergia latifolia. Though D.sissoo variety yields good medium hard timber, it is an inexpensive one when compared with Dalbergia latifolia and our Indian souvenir trade sells objects made of it as if they were rosewood. Hence D.sissoo variety is called as Indian Rose Wood.

D.sissoo is a Nitrogen Fixing Tree and grows well in densely planted farms or when it is mixed with other tree varieties. Regular pruning is necessary to control it's haphazard growth.

Please refer the following link to know more about: 'Indian Rose Wood'.-Sissoo/ Sisu.


Vishnu Sankar

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kiran said...

dear sir
on what basis i will diffrentiate between dalbergia sissoo and latifolia
because i am confuse about selection of plant which both are imp, in the sence herbal formulation

kiran pund,
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