Saturday, May 30, 2009

Acacia auriculiformis - Pencil tree (Kaththi Savukku)

Name of the plant - Acacia auriculiformis
(Tamil : Pencil, Kaththi Savukku, Kaththi Karuvel, Elai Karuvel, Thatcher Maram)

‘N’ fixing capacity - In root nodules. Capacity next only to Leucaena leucocephala {“Savundal or Subapul in Tamil}

Fodder Tree - Fodder difficult to digest so mix it with other leaves.

Deciduous - 3 to 4.5 tons / Hect / annum

Drought tolerance - Best but next only to Eucalyptus

Soil type / pH range - Almost any soil. min pH 3.0 to max pH 9.0

Tolerance to water logging - Good. Tolerates upto 6 months.

Seeds - 38000 to 42000 seeds / kg

Germination - 40%

Vegetative propagation - Possible

Spacing for border planting- 5 Feet

Spacing for bulk planting - Initial 1.83 m X 1.83 m and remove 50% after 4th Year to obtain vertical growth.

Maturity - 9 years

Growth : Height - 6 m Ht in 2 years, 17 m Ht on 8th year

Girth -

Yield - 5 Sq.m / Hect / Year

Timber Density - 0.6 to 0.75

Weight -

Uses - For Paper mills, Furniture

Ratoon - Poor, not recommended.

Special features if any - Performs well in humid areas with irrigation facility. It can turn even problematic soil to fertile soil due to its ‘N’ fixing capacity in root nodules and its tendency to shed large amount of leaves. Growth equals to Eucalyptus. Growth rapid even planted among other densely planted crops.

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Kindly give information about acacia hybrid also.

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