Saturday, April 30, 2011

Agroforestry practices and cropping patterns

Dear friends,

A Ppt presentation explaining the following concepts is presented here:

  • The basic concepts of Agroforestry,

  • the agroforestry practices,

  • cropping patterns for tree crops,

  • list of fodder giving trees,

  • list of Nitrogen fixing trees,

  • seed treatment method and inoculation with VAM,

  • list of economically important fast growing tree species,

  • trees that have gained wide spread acceptance among the farmers,

  • list of long standing, hard wood trees that have good market value

  • and the Govt. subsidy for medicinal value trees.
Click this thumbnail to view the presentation:

(Pictures, drawings and illustrations shown in this presentation are taken from various websites and they are used here for educative purpose only and not for any monetary gains).

Vishnu Sankar

3 Comentários:

Kumar said...

This is really a great effort, this is what we should be doing to save our country and earth.
Thanks for sharing, I'm unable to make a print out or download can you please mail me the ppt.

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear friend,
Please send me your email id. After my authorization,you can download the Ppt from
Vishnu Sankar.

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear friends,
'Agroforestry' Ppt presentation has been sent to all the willing readers who have provided me with their email ids.
This Ppt presentation is for educative purpose drawn from various websites. Please keep this for personal viewing and referance only.
Vishnu Sankar.

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