Monday, July 4, 2011

Melia dubia (malai vembu) yield statistics:

Dear friends,

Tamil agricultural magazine “Pasumai Vikatan”, in it’s July 10, 2011 issue, has published yield statistics of Melia dubia (
Malai Vembu in Tamil, Hebbevu in Kannada, Konda Veppa in Telugu) in irrigated fields. I have also personally visited those farms at Sennampatty village of Erode district to verify the veracity of yield claims.

Spacing in feet ----Yield / acre / Annum / Tons

4 x 4 --------------------27

5 x 5 --------------------29

6 x 6 --------------------27

7 x 7 --------------------21

Farmers have obtained better yield in 5’ x 5’ spacing. Please bear in mind that the above smaller spacing is recommended only when you go for supplying the produce to biomass power companies where quantity matters and size or quality of log doesn’t matter.
Vishnu Sankar

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