Friday, April 29, 2011

Anthocephalus cadamba ( Vellai Kadambu in Tamil)

Dear friends,

The Forest Extension division of Department of Forests, Tamilnadu, India has come out with a video with narrartion from the Chief Conservator of forests (Extension), Mr. Irulandi to promote the cultivation of Anthocephalus cadamba ( Vellai Kadambu in Tamil).

(To know the difference with Manja Kadambu click this link: Haldinia cardifolia (Tamil :Manja Kadambu).

To view the video click this youtube link.

Vishnu Sankar

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Madhavi (Andhrapradesh, INDIA) said...

Hello Mr. Shankar,

You have a wonderful blog here providing so much of information in agri/horti/forestry. Just found this blog looking for infomation in melia dubia.
I am Madhavi writing to you from Hyd, AP. My question to you is about another tree Kadamba - have one planted near my house 4 years ago has grown very well about 2 stories high - couple months ago leaves started turning brown/curled and falling - now all the big leaves are gone and the small leaves come but turn brown/ curled. The gardener sprayed malthion and some other insecticide. Leaf falling has stopped but tree has small brown/curled leaves. Also one more in the same row is affected but another couple trees on the opposite side of the road are not affected.
could you please suggest some remedy or any person I can contact who can help
thanks for your help

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear reader,

It will be easy for me to suggest remedial measures if you send some pictures of the affected tree as a whole and some close up shots of the affected tree parts.

A.Vishnu Sankar

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