Sunday, July 15, 2012

Insect pests of Melia dubia (Malai Vembu in Tamil, Hebbevu in Kannada, Konda Veppa in Telugu)

Dear Friends,

The time has come I think, to discuss the kind of pests that normally attack Melia dubia. To clear the doubts of our farmer friends, I have used here some pictures from the presentation of Dr.A.Balu, Scientist, Forest Protection Division, IFGTB, Coimbatore. You won't ask questions I hope, since they are from the most authentic source. Thanks to Dr.Balu on behalf of all of you.

Stem borer attack on Melia was already discussed in this blog. Click to revisit.

Please click on the pictures to have a better enlarged view.

Sap suckers : 1) Mealy bug attack in Melia dubia: 

Sap suckers : 2) Thrips attack in Melia dubia: 

White flies, Beetles and Leaf eating Caterpillars attack on Melia dubia:
To know about Mechanical, Cultural, Behavioural, Botanical, Biological and 

Chemical control of all the above Sucking pests and leaf eating caterpillars 

please visit: Ppt presentation on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by 

(the same author) Dr.Balu, a renowned Entomologist. The above Ppt

presentation is also uploaded in top right side of this blog which can be 

used as a ready reckoner by our readers for the control of Insects and 

diseases in almost all the crops. 

A.Vishnu Sankar.

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