Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Agroforestry for Soil health

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An updated version of the Power-point presentation about ‘Agro-forestry’ (Latest update on 06/05/2012) is available in this blog. This presentation has become so popular with the Agri-netizens that download requests and permission to copy it are pouring in.
The presentation can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail below:
The presentation has the following topics with 76 slides of good pictures and graphic illustrations. Some of them are published here:
1.     The factors influencing the farmers to adopt ‘Agro-forestry’.
2.     Farmer’s misadventure in the cultivation of ‘Money Spinning Trees’.
3.     Agro-forestry for soil health.
4.     Agro-forestry to raise ‘organic carbon’ (O.C) content of the soil.

5.     Measures to enhance soil fertility.
6.     Agriculture also contributes to ‘Green house gases’.
7.     The ‘Carbon cycle’.
8.     The concept of 33% reservation.

9.     The six Agro-forestry practices.
a)     Wind Breakers / Shelterbelts.
b)    Forest farming in shade. (Integration of trees with plants that loves shade).
c)     Alley cropping.
d)    Riparian forest buffers.
e)     Woody crop plantations.
f)      Silvo-pasture.

10.            Cropping patterns for tree crops.
                   I.            Bund planting.

                II.            As contour hedge rows.
             III.            Multitier cropping system.

 11.             Importance of mulching.
12.             List of some fodder giving trees.
13.             List of some ‘Nitrogen fixing trees’.
14.             List of ‘Economically important fast growing trees’ as recommended by the     
           Forest Department.
15.             List of trees that have gained wide spread acceptance among farmers.
16.             List of long standing, hard wood trees that have good market value.
17.             List of 12 trees that are eligible for 'NMMP' (National Mission for Medicinal  
            Plants scheme).

I kindly invite the readers to comment about the presentation 
to improve it for the benefit of all.
A.Vishnu Sankar

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