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Money spinning trees

Dear Friends,

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed"

The super-exploitation of the present day farmers by a handful of business people has become possible due to the fo(a)rmers' insatiable greed for money. 

Every year we have been witnessing the aggressive promotion of one tree species or other by some magazines and companies and we never bothered to verify the facts. 

In the last few years alone, the list of plants that adorned the "Hall of Fame"for a short period of time and fell flat after benefiting a select few business crooks are Vanilla, Jatropha, Teak, Mangium, Paradise tree, Red sanders, Pathimugam (Sappan wood) Etc. Etc. and the list is endless. The species in the limelight now is 'Agar' (Aquilaria species) and its fall in near future is a foregone conclusion.

In recent years, farmers are finding fault with FC&RI (Forest College and Research Institute, Mettupalayam, Coimbatore) for not providing authentic information about the cultivation technology of some trees other than Eucalyptus, Casuarina junghuhniana, Ailanthus (Perumaram), Melia dubia (Malai vembu), Anthocephalus cadamba (Vellai Kadambu) and Leucaena leucocephala (subapul or Soundal).

FC&RI has acceded to the demands of tree growers and embarked upon to establish small trial plots in their premises for the following tree species which they assume to occupy the attention of the farmers in the coming years.
  1. Populus (Poplar) Tree.
  2. Dalbergia sissoo (A straight growing Dehradun selection)
  3. Chukrasia tabularis (Mathagiri vembu in Tamil)
  4. Poulownia tomentosa (China Teak)
  5. Salix (Willow)
  6. Acacia hybrid (Mangium X Auriculiformis)
  7. Toona ciliata (Santhana Vembu in Tamil)
  8. Dalbergia sissoo (A Dehradun selection with straight bole)
  9. Lannea coromandelica (Othiyan in Tamil)
  10. Mitragyna parviflora (Neer Kadambu in Tamil)
  11. Alstonia scholaris (Ezhilai palai in Tamil)
  12. Anthocephalus cadamba (Vellai kadambu in Tamil)
  13. Gmelina arborea (Kumil in Tamil)
  14. Melia dubia (Malai vembu in Tamil)
The selected plants are fast growing in nature and FC&RI has done a good job by selecting a mixture of soft, medium hard and hard wood trees native to India which can be promoted after successful field trials.  


Alstonia scholaris:
 Anthocephalus cadamba:
 Gmelina arborea (Kumil)
Melia dubia (Malai vembu)
Tree cultivation should be done with affection, love, care, deep respect, awe and reverence. It is a sacred act and if your only aim is to spin money out of them, then be prepared to face some disastrous consequences like losing whatever wealth you have accumulated over the years.

Don't imagine! Be realistic!

Daytime robbery is going on and when will we learn the lesson?

  Please have a look at the following links:

Timber Tree selection - A Check List

A.Vishnu Sankar.

21 Comentários:

K.Suresh said...

K.Suresh, Prof & Head, Dept. of Agroforestry, Forest College & Research Institute, Mettupalayam, Tamilnadu.

Dear Vishnu Sankar,

Thank you for the mail and your blog link.Very interesting to go through it.

Trees are money spinners to the farmers at present.It is only the right type of tree species for the right place and silvicultural packages can do so.

Contact me with full details on soil,rainfall,water source,resource availability etc and i could suggest trees that could spin money in these areas.

Thank you

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dr.K.Suresh, Prof & Head, Dept. of Agroforestry, Forest College & Research Institute, Mettupalayam, Tamilnadu.

Respected Sir,

Thank you very much for your comment and a positive suggestion for my rather negative post.

Visitors to this blog will definitely call you for getting your valuable suggestions.

Thank you very much for your continued support to the farming community.

A.Vishnu Sankar.

Gopi, Thanjavur said...

Dear Vishnu

I am working in a software company and live in Chennai and my native is Thanjavur.

I have been going through your websites and articles and I am more than impressed with your presentations and insights.

We have about 8 acres of land in Thanjavur, and was impressed by the Kumil article in pasumai vikatan, but could not convince my family, as they thought it was exagerrated, and the yield mentioned isnt possible.

I have decided to buy land and cultivate Malai vembu for the reason that it can better withstand drought, less branches and less maintenance from my understanding.

Please provide me your valuable inputs for the below:

- What type of land should I choose, I intend to buy land for 20 lakhs, I guess I can get upto 7 acres- can I get loan for this.
- I am ok to spend 20 ruppees for a plant rather than get free plants from Government and compromise on growth - let me know your thoughts on this.
- I would like to implement drip irrigation and read 50% subsidy is available, is it really easy to get. I mean if it means me travelling and meeting officials to get it done and includes lobbying, I will be better off without it.
- Is the yield realistic 7 lakhs per acre in 7 years, I am willing to put manures and spend to get the yield. I want to automate as much as possible and reduce labor, I can travel to hometown 2 weeks once if needed to stabilise for first 3 years.
- Are there any nurseries nearby place to tanjore that provide end to end services, and also consultancy, like followup after cultivation.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Mr.Gopi,

It is true that the yield details given by our Agri magazines for Kumil are rather over estimated and doubts of your parents are genuine. Kumil is a good choice only if grown in good soil with good soil depth and where there is irrigation potential.

1. Prefer land with red soil and you can get loan loan from commercial banks.

2. If the plants are seed originated, then there will not be any difference in quality of plants supplied by private and Govt. You can get Melia for Rs.6 to 7 per plant in private nurseries of Erode. Under Govt. scheme you will get one or more species along with Melia dubia for mixed planting.

3. Drip irrigation subsidy @ 75% to 100% is available. You have the option to select the supplier. The supplier will look after all the clearances as required by the Govt. It is advisable to avail it rather than ignoring it.

4. Your selection of Malai Vembu for the reasons mentioned by you is O.K but make it double sure that wood based industries or biomass power plants that consume Melia dubia are located in your area itself. Please also bear in mind that the yield statistics available now for Malai vembu though true in some cases can not be achieved by all the farmers.

This is only a precaution since you are going to purchase lands for the cultivation of Melia.

Thanking you,

Yours friendly,
A.Vishnu Sankar

Anonymous said...

Hi Vishnu,

I am Madheswaran, working in a Software Company in Chennai.
Have Planned to go for the Plantation of Kumil and selected breed of Agar(after soil test) in my land. After few years planned to take up farming in full pledge. Planning to get saplings from private sector with buyback agreement with them, so that i can sell the wood to them at market rate.
Please come up with your suggestion on buy back agreement and Agar cultivation. Is it true to make profit in agar as Sandalwood with in 7 -10 years.


Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Friend,

Your mention of 'full pledged farming' describes well the present state of Indian farmers.

Cultivation of Agar in Tamilnadu is still under trial stage. Don't go for it now. Please wait.

Kumil can be marketed easily in your area itself and there is no need to enter into buyback agreements. Plant costs only Rs.6 to Rs.8.

A.Vishnu Sankar

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sankar,
Impressed by seeing your site.

I tried to get any information about Agar tree cultivation in your site, but could not get it. Is it possible to give some ideas to cultivate agar?
Hope to get more interesting news and support from you.
Ph: -------
Besant Nagar,

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am not promoting 'Agar' cultivation since it is in trial stages only. Of course, Forest college had supplied plants to farmers. Note: Their intention is to study its adaptability to the conditions in Tamilnadu and not to make our poor farmers to millionaires. It will take some years to see the result here in T.N. Investing in it now is more riskier than gambling.

Thanking you,

Yours friendly,
A.Vishnu Sankar

மதுமிதா said...

Thanks for sharing this Vishnu. Awareness needed in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for wonderful blog with rare details such as Tree combinations, basic for common people, Now the Big question comes to mind is whether Trees are profitable or not ?

I was planning for Agar, but after your clarification definitely not in Plains, Is it cultivatable in Ooty, Kodai, Yercaud. I heard that Vanadurgai is successful in Agar and has crossed close to 10yrs in that.

Can we go for Sandalwood ? But i'm afraid of the Security ? I'm not sure about Insurance for this ?
Prof Suresh, Sir's comments are also valid, Right tree for right soil.
What to do now ? I'm in great confusion ?


Anonymous said...

Dear Vishnu,
Please send me the file as I am not able to download ur presentation on agroforestry which is available in the following link.

I am planning to buy some plantation / agriculture land near Chickmagalur (malnad region of Karnataka).

Please help me.

Thanks in anticipation

A.Vishnu Sankar said...

Dear friend,

Thanks for visiting my blog ( and happy to hear that you are interested in Agroforestry.

Usually my Ppt presentations are required by institutions who will present them in farmers training programs.

For individuals they may always view the presentation online. For your specific doubts if any, please mail them.

Thanking you,

Yours friendly,
A.Vishnu Sankar

Anonymous said...

I am interested in agriculture. because of my fate, i am working in a ITeS company.

Unknown said...

I have a fairly large amt of pathimugam tfees for sale.8 yrs old.kindly advice rdg current rates&buyers.

Unknown said...

Hi Vishnu,
I am impressed by your knowledge & would like to benefit from the same. I am a retired Wing Commander from the flying branch of the Indian Air Force. My name is Samuel. I have 4 acres on the beach at Marakkanam in TN. I have planted about 100 Hibiscus Tiliaceus also now known as Tailpariti Tiliaceum,( Nir Parathi in Tamil). about 50 each of Terminalia catappa ( Nattuadumai- Tamil), povarasam & Kalanya Murangi. My main aim is to conserve the soil. I have a lot more space & would like your valuable advice on a mix of trees to conserve the soil & provide a limited income . My land starts from the beach & the western boundary is approx. 550 Mts from the Hi tide line. I have irrigation facilities but no drip irrigation. Looking forward to your help. Best Regards. Thanking You Samuel.

Siva.BalaSubramanian tirunelvelli said...

Hi I want to plant trees in tirunelvelli district in 21 cent of agriculture land. Can you please recommend the name of trees which will give good ROI. Can I plant agar tree.

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Do not go for Agar plantation. Answers are in this post itself.

Siva BalaSubramanian said...

Thanks. for your reply. Then can you please help me with the following
1) what are the trees I can plant in 21 cent of agriculture land at tirunelvelli district, near kalakadu; what would be yield time and approx ROI I get.
2) From where can I get quality plants near by my area
3) What can I plant as safe bio fence; some say there is one tree known as oyir velli, cleria ...
4) On my own interest, I want to plant rudraksham, vanni, kadambam, vilvam, kondrai can you please help me where to get those plants.

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Friend,

For Tirunelveli people, the right place to start procuring tree seedlings is from Forest Extension Division, Tamilnadu Forest Dept, Ponnakudi which is very near your place on the National Highway.

They will suggest right plant suitable for your soil. If the varieties are not available with them they will guide you to private nurseries near by Tirunelveli.

Kindly visit Donavur Fellowship (Near Kalakadu) where they have raised a mini ARBORETUM (Garden with different types of trees). If possible meet Mr.Jeremiah Rajanesan for more details on native trees of Kalakad belt.

santhosh said...

Hi ,
Iam have impressed on your article
And I'm plan to step in agriculture to do own business . Can you please suggest a idea to land is in ariyalur district..nearly 2acers it right can I go with eucalyptus plantation..will it will be worth..please share your comments.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir, these are very well explained articles. I am newbie farmer from KANPUR,Uttar PradeshCan. just recently I planted 100 eucalyptus and poplar trees on the circumstances of my 6 hectare land. after reading your article I got to know that there are some other plants than these which Can give some money after some time and also it will complete your wish to have different kind of trees on the circumference. But I want to plant only those trees on the circumference which are suitable for circumference. Kindly suggest me.

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