Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some more pictures and informations about 'KUMIL'- Gmelina arborea

Sprouting of KUMIL (Gmelina arborea) seeds in protrays:

Gmelina arborea (kumil)

Kumil - Gmelina arborea seedlings in protrays:

Kumil - Gmelina arborea seedlings in polybags:

Kumil - Gmelina arborea seedlings in various stages of development in poly bags:

Proper pruning is very important in Kumil - Gmelina arborea cultivation. The pruning techniques were discussed in detail in my earlier posts.

What we need is a flaw less, neat, straight bole that fetches a good price in the market. Follow the following simple 7 steps from the beginning to avoid economic losses at the time of harvest.
  1. Good seed selection
  2. Plants raised in polybags must be planted within 3 months.
  3. Daily drip irrigation for the initial 2 years.(OR)
  4. Weekly flood irrigation.
  5. Fortnightly pruning.
  6. Monthly fertilizer application.
  7. Maximum care for the first 2 years by following INM, IPM and IDM practices.

Kumil is prone to this type of common Caterpillar attack which can be easily controlled either by organic pest control preparations or by any chemical 'contact' pesticides:

Vishnu Sankar

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