Friday, April 9, 2010

Melia dubia (Tamil - Malai Vembu) cultivation

Dear friends,

A trial plot is under development with Casuarina junghuhniana as an inter crop with Melia dubia (Tamil - Malai Vembu) cultivation.

Spacing between a single row of Melia and the next row of Casuarina junghuhniana is 5 feet (Row to Row 5 feet).

Plant to plant spacing for Casuarina 5 feet,
Plant to plant spacing for Melia dubia is 10 feet.

The above spacing is provided with a plan to harvest Casuarina junghuhniana on 4th year there by allowing a spacious 10' x 10' spacing for Melia dubia.

D.O.P: 01.02.2010

Growth on 15.02.2010 (Age: 15 days)

Growth on 10.03.2010 (Age: 38 days)

A close up view of growth on 10.03.2010 (Age: 38 days)

Because of its good coppice capability,biomass power companies are recommending farmers to go for very closer spacing with a plan to harvest the crop every 2 to 3 years.

Vishnu Sankar

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Anonymous said...

I follow your blog, currently my father is planning to Plant Melia dubia for 3 acres near Bangalore, the consultant/scientist (Dr Shenoy) is suggesting to plant the seedling at 5ft and then there will selective cutting after 3-4 year etc

Can you Please give us your feedback on Melia Dubia Plantation

Thank you

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Spacing determines the size, quality and usage. If you opt to fell Melia dubia within a short period of 3 to 4 years, the resultant timber because of it's small size could not be used neither for veneer peeling nor for timber works of any reasonable value. But you can definitively sell the stumps to wood fired biomass power plants who currently offer Rs.2000 to Rs.2400 per Ton.

Vishnu Sankar

Alagarsamy said...


Iam so happy to learn this tree is best. so i have decided to plant in my farm ..i have alreday planted Bamboo and other trees..iam planning to plant 590 trees
with best wishes
alagarsamy, Chennai.

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