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Fast growing tree species for economically important commercial timber cultivation:

Dear friends,

The Forest Department of Tamilnadu, India., recommends the following list of economically important fast growing tree species for commercial timber cultivation.

Before further reading, please have a look at our list in this link which was shortlisted in consultation with T.N forest college scientists, IFGTB scientists and some reputed forest officials of CCF, APCCF and PCCF cadres.

Forest Department's recommendation comes in the FAQ section of their website (Click to view).

What are economically important fast growing tree species?

  1. Ailanthus excelsa - (Perumaram, Pee maram, Peematti in Tamil)
  2. Melia dubia - (Malai Vembu in Tamil)
  3. Kaya senegalensis - (Kaya or Senegal Mahogany in Tamil)
  4. Anthocephalus cadamba - (Vellai Kadambu in Tamil)
  5. Alstonia scholaris - (English - Blackboard tree, Indian devil tree, Ditabark, Milkwood pine, White cheesewood, Seven-leaved milk plant and Pokok pulai, Tamil - Ezhilai-Palai)
  6. Albizia richardiana - (Tamil name: ???? Readers are requested to help)
  7. Acrocarpus fraxinifolius - Common name: Pink Cedar, Acrocarpo, Australian ash and Indian ash. Tamil: Kalingi, Kurangadi, Malai konnai, Mallaykone, Mallekone and Nelrai.
  8. Casuarina junghuhniana - (Tamil: Indonesian savukku or Junguniana Savukku)
  9. Bamboo (Varieties: Malocanna baccifera, Bambusa nutans, B. Bamboos, B. tulda, B. vulgaris, B. Balcooa)
Other than the above, the following tree varieties are also classified as fast growing and economically viable for commercial timber cultivation:

10. Gmelina arborea (Kumil, Perungumil, Kumula maram in Tamil)
Grewia tiliaefolia (Thadasu, Sadachi in Tamil)
12. Albizia falcataria (Kattumaram in Tamil)
13. Acacia auriculiformis (Pencil Tree. Tamil: Kathi savukku,Elai karuvel)
14. Eucalyptus - (Tamil: Thaila maram)

The following trees though not comes under fast growing category, are strongly recommended for their timber value:

Pterocarpus santalinus - (Red Sanders.Tamil: Sivappu Santhanam)
16. Pterocarpus marsupium - (Indian Kino Tree. Tamil: Vengai)
17. Santalum album
- (Sandal wood. Tamil: Santhana maram)

You might have noticed that most of the trees listed above were already find mentioned somehow or other in this blogspot. The unrepresented ones will be given due importance in the coming months.

Some readers may be wondering why I have not included,

Tectona grandis - The common Teak,
Rose wood,

Haldinia Cardifolia (Tamil : Manja Kadambu ),
Caesalpinia sapppan (Tamil:
Swietenia macrophylla
- The Peruvian Mahogany,
Thespesia populnea -
(Tamil: Poovarasu)
Hardwickia binnata - (Tamil: Aachaa)
and so many other trees of some reasonable value in the above list.

Dear friends, that is a different story, worthy enough to allocate a separate post for each variety.

Vishnu Sankar

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Kevin said...

Hi, a furniture maker in Pondicherry refers to a wood he uses as kalimardu. I can't find any other references to this name. It is a dark brown color, very hard and heavy, and was used for beams in construction. Any idea what this wood might be?

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