Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farmer's Training Programme

Tissue culture Banana 'Grand Naine' in our Farm:

Interacting with World Bank Consultant ( IAMWARM) Dr.Ben O'Brien, Agri. specialist, about the declogging facility provided in the Drip irrigation system.

World Bank Consultant ( IAMWARM) Dr.Ben O' Brien and Joint Director of Horticulture Mr.Mohan are viewing the fertigation schedule followed by us (fertigation using water soluble fertilisers) for T.C Banana.

IAMWARM - Kalingalar Sub Basin, Phase II, World Bank Mission's consultant and officers of the State implementing agencies visiting our farm.

Tomato plants raised with supports:

Showing 'Helicoverpa armigera'(American boll worm) male insect trapped in the Sex pheromone trap (PCI make model Fero-T):

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