Saturday, August 29, 2009

Agricultural Machinery

Showing Battery compartment of the Battery sprayer:

Close up view of Cono Weeder:

A small bund/furrow former:

A type of Wheel hoe:

Different types of manual weeders for wet and dry lands (From left side of the photo: Two row rotary weeder - 1, Single row rotary weeders - 2, Cono weeder - 1, Single row Rotary weeder - 1, the other four items are dry land weeders)

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satish gulhane said...

dear shankar sir,

i am having 5 hec flowericulture farm with irrigation. we are having very huge weed development problem which required heavy labour.

when i hv gone throu' yr blog I found long handle dry land type weeding mech machine. can u pl send the deteails and cost of machine. can it be used in hard soil.

expecting yr kind reply.

satish gulhane

Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Sir,

The manual operated dry land weeders are not suitable for use in vast areas, hard soil and where there is huge weed growth. I recommend you to go for self propelled mini weeding machines (5 to 7 HP, Petrol / diesel, ploughing width 1.5' to 2') that can be operated in even 2.5' narrow rows of plants. LINK 1, Link 2. and Link 4, Link 5

You can select 'Brush cutters' (Petrol driven, 0.5 to 1HP)If the soil is very hard and where ploughing is not necessary
See LINK 3 and Link 4.

I have given you some references (companies) links for reference only and I am not promoting them. There are many companies like HONDA, Yamaha Etc supplying various ranges of Brush cutters.

Thanking you,

Yours friendly,
A.Vishnu Sankar

Wassana, Thailand said...

Dear Vishnu Sankar,

Thank you for very knowledge and helpful blog, i am Wassana from Thailand, i interested in rice farmer, now i growth rice by SRI system. So i saw your manual weeder, would you mind to let me know where i could buy that manual weeder from?

look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regard,


Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear friend,

The manually operated single row Cono weeder can be fabricated at your town itself. Double row cono weeders are also available that should be pushed from behind by one person and pulled forward using ropes in front by one person.

They are very cheap and easy to fabricate.

Thanking you,

Yours friendly,
A.Vishnu Sankar

Wassana, Thailand said...

Dear Vishnu,

Thank you so much for the answer. can i fabricate at my country? do you have some picture of the cono weeder or single row cono weeder? i can give to someone ot fabricate for me.

Thank you once more time again, i wish you and family have a good day.



Vishnu Sankar A said...

Dear Friend,

I have attached some photos with some dimensions of the weeders. I know these details will give an idea but not enough to fabricate one. If you want to buy from India there are hundreds companies manufacturing them and I suggest you to visit this link and give the name of the tool and select the company of your choice. For motorized cono-weeder equipment which is getting popular here please click this link.

I am damn sure that manual operated tools are available in your country itself please call 'Paddy research Centre' of your country for more details.

Thanking you,

Yours friendly,
A.Vishnu Sankar

Unknown said...

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Its looks good but it needs more clarifications. Thank you for your post.

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