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Trees as fulcrum for rural development - by Dr.G.Kumaravelu

Dear friends,

I have received an interesting email from The Great Dr.G.Kumaravelu, former State Planning Commission member and former PCCF, a visionary of our times on Sunday, 3rd February, 2013, 1:27PM. The letter is written in his usual inimitable style, truly expressed his concern for not only farmers but also environment and Govt. policies. I am sharing his mail (though personal) with our readers since keeping it in my ‘inbox’ is not going to serve any purpose. I feel really happy that we, the farmers, have these kinds of rare breeds among us with penchant for ‘upliftment of farmers’. 

The letter:

"It is high time that the Governments mandate through their Industrial policy that at least 33% of Industries in the states to be established in future should use BIOTIC RAW MATERIAL like herbs, shrubs and Trees than ABIOTIC.

Now if you introspect, the fact that more than 90% of industries existing are using metals, chemicals and minerals like stones, sand, lime etc. The more affluent the society becomes, it becomes more effluents ridden. This causes more pollution for which we are scratching our brain to find appropriate solution and what is worse is that this malady remedy dilemma gets perpetuated. If trees are tailored for specific end use and through appropriate post harvest technology, full tree utilization is achieved. We can certainly make them to exemplify as fulcrum for rural development.

We should take into consideration the carbon footprint and the water foot prints in the choice of species. The govt should encourage (apart from the present encouragement given to paper pulp), non-effluent industries like veneer, plywood, particleboard, compressed wood, MDF (Medium density fibre board), furniture and construction wood fabrication units.

Apart from the above, encouragement should be also given to de-centralized electric power production units which adopt gassifier technology. The resultant bio-char can be impregnated with cow urine and beneficial microorganisms like azospirillum, phosphobacteria, psudomonas, Trichoderma viridi, VAM Etc.,. Application of this enriched biochar in the field will enhance the productive potential of our dead and desiccated soils which are deprived of essential  nutrients, lost through leaching.

I had proposed COGENERATION OF FOOD WITH WOOD, when I was in planning commission. I am glad to see that the programme of ‘TREE CULTIVATION IN PRIVATE LANDS (TCPL)’ started by me while in service had picked up. I am aware that much more have to be done in this. Enthusiastic tree lovers and cultivators like you should be given more opportunity to contribute more. I wish more role for the members of tree growers association in govt programmes.

I am presently concentrating on screening best phenotypes of Melia dubia suitable for acid soils to alkaline soils. I am more concerned with the steady raise of TDS (Total dissolved Solids) in the bore-well waters of TN.  My own farm bore well water has more than 4000 TDS. Less than 500 is desired for trees. I have one Melia dubia grown to 125 cm gbh in 4000 TDS WATER in 7.5 yrs in my farm which had been cloned. We have to screen and select plus trees for problem soils and water.

I AM NOW CONCENTRATING ON SELECTION AND SCREENING OF SUITABLE FAST WOOD SPECIES AND PHENOTYPES THAT ARE FIT FOR BUND PLANTING SUITABLE FOR VENEER. That can give more profit for farmers. final good news. I had selected one phenotype of Melia dubia which has grown to 8 mts ht with 25 cm gbh in 6 months after planting.....I am cloning that....THAT IS HOW WE CAN MAKE TREES TO EXEMPLIFY AS A FULCRUM FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT...i am dabbling with two more species which will give more profit ....Let us try our best. 


Shared to farmers, scientists, environmentalists and policy makers by,
A.Vishnu Sankar.

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Ganesan RP said...

Very NIce Shanker Ganesh to share one of great person's view on Trees and Rural poor

Unknown said...

Nice,motivates all tree lovers & thanks for sharing

Vishnu Sankar A said...

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