Friday, March 9, 2012

Casuarina as windbreaker

Some snippets from IFGTB 'Tree Growers Mela -2012:
Part - 2

In our country, wind damage to crops is a perennial problem and loss to the farmers who never insures his crop is running into crores. One of the simple solutions recommended by experts is to grow trees in farm boundaries as wind breakers.

The usual practice adopted by farmers is to plant Casuarina trees in one or more rows in zig-zag fashion. The clones we get from the nurseries are designed to grow tall with minimum side branches. These clone types are not suitable for planting for the purpose of 'Wind breaker'.

In order to solve the above problem
Dr.Bhuvaneswaran of IFGTB has come up with a new variety in Casuarina junghuhniana which produces more side branches to effectively reduce the wind force when planted as wind breaker. Some pictures from his Ppt presentation titled "Phenotypes for Windbreak Agroforestry System" is published here under:
An innovative concept of selecting a tree because of its special architecture within the species to suit our end use. Congrats to Dr.Bhuvaneswaran on behalf of the farming community for his efforts.

A.Vishnu Sankar.

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