Monday, June 28, 2010

Tree felling at an alarming rate!

Dear friends,

Tree felling is made easier and easier with the advancement of technology. You will marvel at the awesome power of tree felling machines displayed at the videos given below.

But at the end of show, there will be no doubt, that you will be worried man, when the reality strikes you in the face that this kind of rapid denuding of the mother earth takes place daily with thousands of such monstrous machines.

After so many summits, meetings, speeches, agreements and disagreements, solution to this grave problem is still not yet in sight.

Mass tree planting drives with massive government funding (irrespective of GDPs and without any discrimination like developed, developing, under developed countries) all over the world will definitely minimize harmful effects of indiscriminate felling of trees.

For our part as an individual and as a responsible human being, we should act now and plant as many trees as possible to insure our mother earth's safety.


Vishnu Sankar

Feller buncher cum cutter:

Feller buncher:

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